Solutions Electrical 3 day Design Engineering course

The course teaches Electrical Engineering theory and practical needed to project engineer complete electrical installations.

We begin with basic essential electrical knowledge including:

  • Types of cable and methods of installation
  • Resistance, reactance, impedance and power factor
  • Information required from power supplies
  • Protection devices, how to choose the correct size and how to achieve Coordination and Discrimination
  • Short Circuit calculations
  • Earth Loop Impedance
  • Resonance
  • Harmonics

The basic knowledge will then be reinforced, consolidated and extended by practical application in the design process.

In partnership with the Solutions Electrical smart software, you will quickly create precision engineered installation designs and, importantly, with full interpretation of results so that your best design solution can be assured every time.

You will be taught how to fully utilise all the unique and innovative features of the Solutions Electrical smart technology. 
This includes:

  • Complete compliance of your Installation Design
  • Creating your lowest cost design and Error free
  • Full results and their interpretation g. Short Circuit calculations analysis, Earth loop impedance and Arc flash test results
  • Quick creation of many design outcomes can now be easily achieved
  • Optimum, Lowest cost, most Practical solution.

In short, there will be ample opportunity for you to achieve best design techniques for project engineering complete installations including invaluable tips and advice from a fully qualified and experienced Electrical Engineer.

With the knowledge and skills gained from this course, you will have all the confidence needed to speak to his clients and to undertake  Design Engineering jobs (Residential, Commercial and Industrial) with ease.