Earth Loop Impedance

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The Shocking Truth is that many people still do not perform Earth Loop Impedance testing on their installation.

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Testing your circuits with a test Instrument after the cables have been pulled in and connected is too late!.

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Discover Exactly how You can perform the Earth Loop Impedance test in 4 Easy steps…Guaranteed!. 

  1. Select your active conductor size
  2. Select your Fault current carrying conductor size (earth)
  3. Select the type of protection Fuse/CB and size (amps)
  4. Input your length of cable run

Press the Calculate  button to instantly see your results showing all your test details and whether you have achieved  compliance before installing a single cable…amazing!

Your Results

  1. Minimum Trip Current required for compliance
  2. Maximum allowable run
  3. Impedance value of final sub-circuit
  4. Your maximum Impedance (Zs)
  5. Voltage drop across final sub-circuit during fault conditions (i.e. 58.4%)
  6. Earth Loop Impedance compliance confirmed

What if’s are easily performed,

Print out all Your results time & date stamped.

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Why Test…

“Testing is to confirm that in the event of a fault to earth on any final sub-circuit, that the protection device (Fuse or Circuit Breaker) will trip and

isolate the faulty circuit within a time frame as

laid down by the electrical regulations”


Don’t Wait Another Moment! Save time and verify Earth Loop Impedance compliance Now!



(Note: During fault conditions it can be assumed that at least 80% of the supply voltage will be dropped across the final Sub-circuit. For this example only 58.4% has been dropped showing compliance has been easily achieved)