Electrical Estimating

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Electrical estimating is one of the most important jobs to be undertaken, it’s a time consuming process that could take days and may require experienced personnel to complete…Until Now!

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Estimating how long it will take to do the Job has been simplified and made a more precise operation.

All installation times are worked out for you, now when you select a piece of electrical equipment to install, Electrical Estimator instantly displays the installation times in hours and minutes.

For That Professional Look!

Create professional looking estimates in minutes with all installation times displayed and it’s so easy to use. Add prices or fax off Your parts list to the electrical suppliers for pricing/ordering. All prices input are stored and retained by the computer.

“Now You can Do it All”

With over 12,800 items in its massive database there will not be much you can not do, all times and prices can be changed providing maximum flexibility. Choose what you want Your printout to show (i.e. individual times, prices percentage markups etc)

electrical estimating

You can add your own equipment, times and prices and expand the database from over 12,800 to 20,000 items of equipment.

Assemblies: For streamlining and making your estimating an even more efficient process you can create assemblies. Using this function you can add a number of items together that would make up a job (such as lighting circuits, motor installations etc) and save this assembly. When next you perform this installation task simply select the assembly name given and the programme will instantly gather all of the items associated with the assembly and enter it in to your estimate report automatically.

You will usually get only one chance to submit your quote, get it right first time and make it a winner.

Start using the Electrical Estimator and produce Professional Looking Quotes in minutes.