A1. When you make a purchase of One programme (single User Licence) we do encourage you to install it on to two computers.
A2. Very Easy in fact we can teach You to use any of the programmes in just 5 – 15 minutes over the telephone!

A3.  Yes, please call!

A4. Yes, you simply leave the voltage drop box blank in the Cable Calculation screen and the program will list all compliant Wire/Cable sizes

A5.  You can Check an existing design for compliance by Inputting every wire/cable size in to the Design program and test for compliance you can also add or modify.

A6.  Obviously some electrical knowledge is needed, but because of the new smart technology in Installation Design, the program will design in full compliance and will not allow you to make a mistake!

A7.  By e-mail, Fax or Phone!

A8.  As end uses ourselves any changes would be made quickly and downloads of the changes would be made available over the Internet!

A9.  No, there are however in-expensive care packages which would entitle you to all future upgrades!

A10.  “Yes, you can calculate wire/cable sizes up to 10,000 amps or 10 Parallel cores per phase”

A11.  “Yes we run  Three day training classes, please call to book”