V 6.0 Ideal for Residential and Light Commercial

With 6 programmes in your toolbox you'll make light work of your jobs.
(AS $ 445)

Cable Calculations

Voltage drops, Maximum distance cable can be run, Paralleling cable sizes, Conduit sizes, Fault levels etc.

Earth Loop Impedance Testing

Quickly know your Earth Loop Test Results including Ze and ZS, maximum Let through currents, maximum distance cable can be run, Touch Potentials etc.

Maximum Demand

Calculating Your maximum demand could not be easier using the software. For Residential, Commecial and Industrail installations. Print out all your results!

Air Conditioning Calculations

Know your Air Conditioning sizes for rooms, buildings in just minutes using this new tool. Shows heat gains for walls ceilings, floors windows and air. Printout detailed report!

Heating Calculations

Quickly calculate the amount of heating needed for rooms and buildings. Shows heat losses through walls, ceilings, floors and Windows. Printout Detail report!

Water Heating Elements

See the size of heating Element needed for water tanks, calculates kw sizes and times to heat water. Prinout detailed report!